Makeover Your Kids’ Weekend with These Creative, Educational Activities

Are you struggling to find ways to keep your kids active and learning over the weekend? Weekends are the prime time for play but they can also be the perfect time to introduce your kids to something new with some fun, educational activities. So, if you’re ready to break out of your regular routine, try these projects this weekend: 


Explore and Examine Your Own Backyard

If you want a simple way to get your children interested in science, look no further than your yard. With a shovel and some curiosity about rocks and minerals, your children will love learning about local geology by sifting through the dirt in their yard. Pick up some other helpful supplies, like a magnifying glass and sifting pan, to give serious young rockhounds the tools they need to learn about the land around them. You can even combine this newfound love of nature with art by encouraging your children to use their rocks and minerals in creative projects. Using acrylic paints, kids can easily transform simple stones into beautiful keepsakes.

In addition to helping your children learn about geology and art, spending time outdoors has other positive benefits. Playing in your yard can increase their ability to focus and also build essential social skills, both of which can improve their school performance. Plus, getting outside boosts their energy levels, which can be helpful for those long school days. 


Tap Into the Power of Art and Creativity

Painting rocks is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using art to enhance learning abilities in your children. Letting your children explore their creativity helps them to develop essential processes in the brain that are crucial for learning. Set your children up for success by creating a space for them to practice their drawing, painting, and sculpting skills without worries over messes or spills, and try not to interfere with their expressive process.

For younger children, you may not even need any special supplies to help them be creative. Use shaving cream to mix up your own puffy paint and combine art and science again. You could also consider looking for art classes, experiences and lessons, like the ones offered by the Art Truck. The Art Truck brings the studio and supplies to you, and best of all, you don’t have to worry about any clean up afterward. It’s a great way to entertain your kids and their friends for birthday parties, holidays, or a weekend adventure. 


Learn About Chemistry in the Kitchen 

Another creative process parents often forget to explore with their kids is cooking. Baking and cooking with children can be a fun and educational way to spend time together on the weekends. You can spend a morning making funny-shaped pancakes or have your little one help with some simple baking projects. The added benefit of baking is that it actually requires some of the same skills used by chemists in the lab. So, making all those tasty snacks is actually teaching your children some important fundamentals of science.

Baking is all about creating reactions between the various ingredients in food. For example, if you add too much liquid or too little, you get an entirely different outcome in your final product. This is such a simple way for children to learn about chemistry and the scientific method, all while learning valuable life skills in the process. Another fun, science-backed baking recipe to try with your kids is to create edible glass. Before you begin your activity, go over some important safety points with your children. They need to know that the liquefied sugar is hot enough to burn their skin and that real glass is never a safe or tasty treat. 


Having fun with your kids and helping them learn new things over the weekend is a great way to bond as a family. So, dedicate some time to exploring fresh ideas, completing exciting projects, and letting your creativity flourish together. 


Photo Credit: Pexels